Management and Maintenance

Harmony Technologies helps organizations by advising them on their current and future technology needs and also with the management and maintenance of existing technology infrastructure. For the full service management of a firm’s technology, we offer our comprehensive Management and Maintenance service.

Key Features:

  • Management – Consulting, Planning, Research, IT Staff Management, Vendor Management, Purchasing and Documentation.
  • Information –Updated audit information of technology software and hardware infrastructure.
  • Monitoring – Real-time alerts on the health and up-time of computer systems.
  • Maintenance – Proactive installation of security patches and software updates. Defragmentation of hard disk drives.
  • Endpoint Security – Anti-virus/malware protection with updates.

Service Desk

For all software and hardware installations, technical support and end-user training performed by Harmony Technologies. Clients under management receive priority technical support at a competitive rate. Some firms wish to have full-time on-site service during business hours and can benefit from having technical support staff dedicated to this function. Harmony Technologies can staff and manage a professional Service Desk which will provide fast user support right on your premises. Best of all, your company will have the full resources of Harmony Technologies to help insure that this important function is well managed and will provide the best quality support for your technology and personnel. Requirement of at least one full day per week on a pre-arranged schedule.