Review – MySMS

When I was using an iPhone, I used iMessage and had no reason to use anything else. And it worked great. I especially liked how I could also use the iMessage program on my Mac laptop, as I’m a much better keyboarder than a tapper. But when I switched to Android, I had to find something that could give me the same functionality. There are several options, but most of them cost $30-50 per year. I found MySMS – – which seemed to have everything I needed. Also, the free option works fine. The Premium is only $10 per year and adds a few nice features, but it isn’t necessary. I use MySMS as my primary SMS app on my cell phone, but I also have an application on both my Mac laptop and my Windows PC. There’s even a web-based version. I love MySMS because it works very reliably and it is cheaper than any other options available.

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